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Why Bowls and why our Club?


  • Playing bowls is very doable. Whatever your age or fitness level you can bowl socially or competitively. Bowls can help improve your fitness and sense of wellbeing. We believe the Island is a particularly peaceful location, with a special ambience, which can also help you feel good.

  • Bowls is not expensive. To get going you don’t need lots of new kit. The Club will lend you bowls and taster/initial coaching sessions are free. Even when you get the bug, a set of second-hand bowls and joining the Club can cost as little as £90.

  • Compared to most sports, age and gender differences have less of an effect on a game of bowls, so it’s a perfect sport that all of the family, or a mixed group of friends, can play together.

  • The Island is sociable place with members who just want to enjoy bowls and good company. So, playing bowls with us is a great way to relax, make new friends and feel part of our community.

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Taster Sessions 2024

Comparatively bowling is an affordable hobby, a low impact sport for all ages, with no pressure to join. Why not come along and give it a try at one of our Open Day taster sessions?

Cancelled - Sunday 28th April 2pm – 7pm

We are sorry to disappoint prospective new members but, following one of the wettest Winters on record, our greenkeeper has advised the green is still too wet and spongy to be used this Sunday.


We hope our other Open Days on Monday 6th and Sunday 26th of May will go ahead as planned. 


Monday 6th May 2pm – 7pm

Sunday 26th May 2pm – 7pm

Or come along for an hour at 5.45pm,

any Monday evening from 13th May to September


Nearby, free parking evenings & weekends at Thameside Promenade Car Park, RG1 8BD

Ferry at: Brigham Road, Reading RG1 8DP. For ferry phone: 0118 957 6593

We suggest you come over for a 40 minute taster session during the times listed above.

Phone, txt or WhatsApp: 07825394683 or email 

to register interest, book a time or if you would like more information.


Flat shoes or trainers and loose fitting casual clothes are essential. You can borrow a set of bowls.

Coaching and other equipment is provided by the Club.

Alternatively, just turn up at one of our coaching sessions [Monday evenings, arriving between 5.30 and 6pm]

Coaching Sessions

The Club would normally ask a beginner to attend the basic coaching sessions offered at 6pm on Monday evenings from 13th May to the end of August before applying for membership. Whilst you can apply for membership at any time, these sessions allow the Club to get to know potential members, aim to teach the rudiments of bowls in approximately five sessions and enable the individual to determine if bowls and the Club are for them before committing themselves to significant expenditure.
There are a selection of bowls (woods) and bowling shoes available for the use beginners.
Please wear trainers or flat shoes without heels during the coaching sessions. Bowlers with experience are welcome to coaching sessions where they can introduce themselves and get to know the Club. 

"The mentoring programme was a brilliant idea” - New Member 2022

How to Join

If you would like to apply to become a full member of the Club, simply fill in an application form available here or from the Clubhouse. All membership applications are considered for ratification by the General Management Committee at their next meeting.


Membership fees are currently (Adults, 18 and over) £85 per annum. First year bowlers discounted to £63 and including a Club polo shirt. This reduction is in recognition of the initial costs of taking up bowling, purchase of bowls and suitable shoes/clothes.

Juniors Membership (anyone under 18 years old or in full-time education) fees £25 per annum.
 Social Membership fees are £15 per annum for members who don't bowl but want to regularly join in with the Club Social life.


For new membership and free taster enquiries please contact us via

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