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About Us

We are a friendly Club, welcoming families, couples, and singles. We are committed to developing and supporting the enjoyment of social and more competitive bowls in equal measure. We welcome those new to bowls as well as experienced bowlers.

Join us to relax, keep fit, feel good about yourself, enjoy friendly competition, make new friends and become part of our community. New members including Junior members (12 years+) are always very welcome – see Give Bowls a Try.


The Island Bohemian Bowls Club has a unique and special location, at the very heart of Reading, on a historic and picturesque island in the middle of the River Thames. Having this unique location the Club often features in the local and national press and recently in Bowls International magazine!

The green is open every day of the week (typically 10am to 8pm) from late April until mid-September each year and we enjoy mixed membership socially and have active sections for both the Ladies and Men's competitive bowling in local leagues.

Island bowlers enter many County and National competitions and have on occasions done very well.


The Club has a special relationship with the boaters who have moorings around our section of the Island. Boaters and Bowlers get togethers add to the enjoyable social life of Club members.

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