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How the Club Works

Bowls Committees

The Ladies and Men each have a committee which organises, manages and oversees everything to do with bowling within the Club, including both internal and external competitions.  Most of the members of these committees perform roles in the Club such as Captains of various teams, Fixtures Secretary, etc. 

Management Committee

The overall running and management of the Club is carried out via our GMC (General Management Committee).  This committee comprises President, Vice President, General Secretary and Treasurer plus a further 8 elected members plus the Men’s and Ladies’ Bowls Secretaries and finally a representative from the Thames Valley Cruising Club. The members of this committee are listed in the yearly Fixtures Booklet and can be identified by photographs displayed in the club Veranda room.


The procedure for their election, etc. is explained in our Club Rules Booklet which effectively forms our Club constitution.  Elections take place at the start of each season at the Club Annual General Meeting.


Any Club member can sit on any of these committees, which do not require any form of qualification, previous experience or length of time in the Club.  You just need to be proposed and nominated by an existing member and then be voted on at the Annual General Meeting. 

We encourage members to put themselves forward for committee positions as soon as they feel they can contribute to the good running of the Club.


Any of the above committees may entrust to a Subcommittee the task of dealing with a specific subject.  Its members are responsible to the parent committee for their conclusions and regular reports on progress.

Who's Who at the Club

Email Address
Len Hillier
Vice President
Ted McDonnell
General Secretary
Carol Goddard
Paul Allcock
Committee Member
David Bennett
Committee Member
Graham Lyke
Committee Member
Carole Allcock
Committee Member
Committee Member
Steve Shepherd
Committee member
Geoff Young
Web, Social Media & Recruitment
Dave Murray
Men's Fixture Secretary
Richard Marnes
Ladies Fixture Secretary
Carol Goddard
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