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Booking a Rink with Bowlr

Using Bowlr Effectively:


  • The BOWLR diary is divided into Morning (10am to 1pm), Afternoon (1pm to 4pm), and Evening (4pm to 8pm). If your game is expected to overlap these times it will be useful to add a note to your booking, or extend your booking to the adjacent time slot.

  • Bookings are made on a First Come First Served basis.

  • Feel free to choose any of Rinks 1 to 6. Rink 7 is reserved for boat drivers to show their availability. 

  • Booked Rinks may be changed on play day, subject to agreement.

  • If your game is planned to start early it's best to check with the grass cutting team to ensure the green will be free to use.

  • You are only able to change bookings that you have made.

  • The system sends confirmation emails of bookings (to the person making the booking). These may go into your Spam Folder, so best to check.

  • BOWLR is only used to book time on our home green.

  • BOWLR does not replace any process we use to find players for upcoming games.

Click the link below to make a booking.

Bowlr screen shot of bowls booking system
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