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The Club has  telephones for emergency and for bowls related calls.  They may also be used for personal urgent, local, private calls but not for long distance.  Please don’t abuse this facility.  Phones are in the Veranda, Bar, Pavilion and entrance corridor.


In an Emergency

There is a defibrillator in the clubhouse on the right, in the entrance passageway,  as you go into the clubhouse through the double doors facing the green.  


A basic and a burns First Aid kit is kept in the kitchen ( in the kitchen drawer under the plate warmer / hot water urn.) together with an Accident Book in which all injuries sustained at the Club must be entered, in compliance with the Health & Safety Act.

A second First Aid kit kept in the pavilion. The list of qualified First Aiders is displayed on the notice board in the Clubhouse entrance area. 

Should you need to summon the emergency services to the Club, you may be asked for our postcode which is RGI 8DP.  However, when used with Sat. Nav devices, this does not direct vehicles to our exact location and you should provide the information that the Club is accessible from the jetty at the end of Brigham Road by ferry boat only.

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