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Equipment and Facilities

Set of Island Bohemian Club woods

Bowling equipment

Most of the bowling equipment you will require is kept in the Equipment Shed.  This includes mats, jacks, scoreboards, Umpires kit and bowls gatherers.

A wall rack holds 2 metre measuring sticks, used to determine the minimum distance from
the ditch to the front of the mat or the jack.


At the far end of the shed you will find protective mats which must be used whenever you feel you may cause damage to the Green.  An instruction on their use is pinned to the inside of the shed door.  


Please return any of the equipment used to where you found it, when returning the protective mats, if wet, please initially hang out to dry.  

Sets of woods and shoes are stored in the Pavilion and available for your use, if required.  Typically, these are used for coaching and potential new members trying out the game.

Scorecards and scorecard holders can be found in the corner cupboard in the main clubhouse room.  A “Laws of the Sport of Bowls” booklet hangs up in the adjacent Veranda room for reference.

Mens' changing hut - Island Bohemian Bowls Club

Changing Rooms, Toilets & Kitchen

The changing rooms are clearly marked as separate facilities for ladies and gentlemen, as are the toilets.  The ladies changing rooms are in Clubhouse, gents changing rooms are in huts outside. Your bowls bags and other personal bowling equipment should be left in the changing rooms and as far as possible, not in the main clubhouse room as this can cause a trip hazard.

Island Bohemian Bowls Club green and Pavillion


We have a delightful Pavilion for viewing games in comfort.  It has an outside raised balcony for a good view in fine weather or big windows to watch from inside, if the weather turns cold or wet. Sets of bowls/woods and flat soled bowls shoes are available for beginners in the Pavilion.

Island Clubhouse and Bar

The main Club House building is alarmed and can only be opened by certain members.  Do not attempt to access the club room if it is clearly blocked.  You will be shown how to access changing rooms.


Our well stocked and reasonably priced, licensed Bar is situated in the main clubhouse room.  It is normally open for use for matches as well as competition games.  It also opens for other social or special events.  It can be available on other occasions by special request to the Club Secretary.  The Bar is run on a voluntary basis by Club members.  Help in running it is always appreciated - another way to get involved and help the Club out.

Island Bohemian Bowls Club club house
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